Parenting During A Pandemic

Who knew that parenting could get even tougher? Well when COVD-19 hit the planet, we soon realised that things could get a lot harder than they already were.

Parenting during a pandemic has been such a huge bag of mixed emotions for me. Having my children at home has given us so much precious time – it’s time that I have cherished and wouldn’t change for the world. But I would be lying if I said that it’s been nothing but wonderful…

Homeschooling, working from home, and being pregnant have just added to the stress that hasn’t subsided since the bushfires earlier this year. The bushfires saw me running from my home after thrusting my children into their pushchair and making a dash away from the flames and down to the beach. Just when we thought that Australia could finally take a breath and we could relax again, in comes COVID-19.

During this pandemic, my workload has been piling up around me and I simply haven’t had the time to work through it. I’ve been missing deadlines and letting people down, and am starting to feel so ready for my children to go back to school, but also so sad that soon enough they’re going to be spending their days away from me again! Homeschooling alongside working from home has been an enormous challenge for so many of us. But I think the most important thing is to give ourselves a break. We can only do so much without running into the ground, and that’s the big thing that we need to avoid and pay the most attention to.

My kids have had almost 6 months of underlying fear from the bushfires and now the virus. I’m cherishing all of this time with them, and hope that I can comfort them and be present enough to assure them that everything is ok and that they have nothing to be afraid of. The effects of everything that 2020 has thrown at us must be huge for our children!

On top of all that, this pregnancy has taken a turn that I wasn’t prepared for. I never imagined that I would be scared to attend doctor’s appointments and ultrasounds for the fear of contracting the virus and putting the health of my family on the line. Booking a homebirth and realising that this might actually be the route through which my next child arrives into the world is also something that I wasn’t expecting.

I guess all that we can is our best. And though we might feel like we’re being swallowed up by these events and everything that they’ve done to completely change everything about our lives over the last few months, as long as we are healthy and our children are loved, it’s all that matters.

This lack of sleep has significant side effects that range from annoying to potentially dangerous:




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